About Us

Establishing "Windows for Technical and Managerial Consultations", was not an easy decision due to the fact that local and Arab market is already congested with many firms of the same intention.

As such, this challenge was our motive to prove our credibility through our commitment to competitive standards of quality to achieve our ultimate goal represented in satisfying our clientele.
Needless to say that this will not be attained without our rich expertise and the carefully selected qualified group of experts and consultants, up to date state – of – the – art methodology and application of technology, plus creative solutions we will use to attend to customers needs and ambitions, are our compass towards set targets.

  • Offering consultation services based on scientific approach to help our customers in areas of management, economy, finance, accounting, technical, industrial etc.
  • Effectively investing the Arabic potentials and distinctive personnel in its wide spectrum of specialties and experience in the noble role of the Arab community prosperity and well being.
  • Designing and conducting specialized training programs in the Jordanian and regional markets, to the whole Arab nation.
  • Designing and conducting other forms of training activities i.e. workshops, seminars, symposiums, etc…
  • Offering consultancy services to the public whenever the need calls in the Arab world.


All our training and consultation services must use and rely on concrete , scientific and proven efficiency solutions to guarantee reasons for certain success and credibility to customers.


Continuously searching for expertise and distinction among the Arabic potentials and competencies to render the best service possible to our Arabic organizations, in public and private sectors, regardless of commercial concerns.